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Whether you are paying for a service yourself or you are getting financial support from a local authority you have a choice as to who you get to provide this. There is a need to be aware of cost as local authorities are allowed to set a maximum price that they will pay as their contribution. We can help you in sorting out what is the best option for your situation and what the different carers can offer, but the ultimate choice remains your decision.

When you are arranging care for someone else this can be difficult as it is a responsibility that is gained at a time of crisis. This can be all the more difficult when the decision is to arrange care for someone some distance from you. That is where our ability to work flexibly comes in as we can often work in different areas quite easily. 

Once the care has been set up the other worry is whether the arrangements are working properly. Whether this is support from a local domiciliary care agency or a residential care home the press have regularly reported occasions when there were problems and no-one knew. Whilst no amount of visiting can prevent problems, we can offer the opportunity of having someone monitoring care and ensuring that problems are noticed and addressed before people are hurt.

Sometimes there is a need to change care arrangements. This is something we have a lot of experience in doing, whether it is a move to nursing care or setting up a person’s home after a period in residential care. We can talk you through what is involved, the financial implications, and even help make it happen.

Whatever the issue, if you want advice about care arrangements contact us for an initial discussion.

  01444 226468     nick.willmore@ia-c.co.uk