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In 2009 the government announced that it wanted individuals and their families to start taking over managing their own care. The range of jargon has increased immensely as have the options for arranging it; we can help you through this maze. Whether you are entitled to help with the cost of care, or are buying it yourself, the services you buy can be the same.

The team at IAC has spent many years arranging and providing care for people, either because they are getting older or because of a physical or learning disability. We have social workers and nurses who can facilitate your care and support - you will hear other titles such as care manager, care co-ordinator, broker or care navigator. These all reflect the slightly different roles to achieve the same thing.

IAC can assist you in completing a self-assessment, if you are entitled to state funded care, or just helping you identify the care that you need to arrange for yourself. From this assessment we can suggest what help might be useful based on our experience and knowledge of the options available. We are not linked to any care providers so our advice is impartial and based solely on what we know of your situation.

The cost of the care itself could be one of your biggest expenses. Whilst we do have to charge for our advice, the cost is very much less than you would pay for a solicitor or an Independent Financial Advisor. If you want to talk to us before making a committment please contact us.

  01444 226468     nick.willmore@ia-c.co.uk