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For many years local commissioners have used an increasing number of residential and nursing placements that are outside their usual geographic area of responsibility. This has created a number of problems. Some areas have seen a net increase in the numbers of people in residential homes in their area which still require support from local services. Individuals are placed away from their natural community networks and over time they become increasingly isolated from all but those in the care home. This is when poor care practices go unchallenged. Finally the commissioners lose the ability to manage the level of care and then become vulnerable to increases in costs.

As a result of the campus closure programme IAC staff developed skills in re-providing institutional care through supported accommodation.  In 2011 we started offering this as a service re-providing residential care for supported accommodation on an individual basis. This has resulted in us identifying savings for commissioners that are greater than the cost of the project team and which are long term. If you are responsible for expensive out of area placements you might want to talk to us about what we can do and the gains for you and the individuals concerned.

Even if you are not looking to change services the geographical spread of our services means that we can undertake reviews for you at a better cost than if you sent staff across the country. We would expect that by offering a regular review of placements we can help you manage costs as the needs of the individual change.