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In addition to the major projects below, we have undertaken consultancy work giving a strategic analysis of local service provision, supporting organisations developing joint service delivery teams and reviewing specialist services and what future contractual arrangements should look like.

Northamptonshire Campus re-provision
This was a significant multi-agency project that involved all the company staff. We offered strategic and commissioning experience, project management, operational management and care management for a project that involved moving 90 people from NHS long term care. IAC picked up the project at a time when regulators were expressing their concerns and turned it round such that we not only delivered it on time, we also achieved it for less than the allocated budget.

The advantage of using an independent company really showed itself when the teams that agreed to undertake the removals for people withdrew. IAC took on staff at a weeks notice and saw the project through at a cost that was less than that offered by the Council and NHS teams. This was just one example of many where the flexibility of the company and our willingness to innovate kept the project moving.

[Click here for a report two years after the project's commencement, just as IAC took it over]
[Click here for the final report four years after the project's commencement, two years after IAC took it over]
[Click here for comments made by the project's solicitors]
[Click here for the articles regarding the project in the Learning Disabilities Partnership Board's newsletter, April 2009 to Autumn 2010 editions]

Older Adults commissioning strategy in Bolton
Through working with partners in the local authority and the NHS a strategy was agreed that enabled the development of intermediate care and hospital avoidance projects at the same time as facilitating the local authorities reduction in services that were going to become difficult to retain. Not only was there a saving through re-organising commissioning but the strategy left the partners in a good position to react to future national policies.

Bedfordshire re-provision
Although a multi-agency project the role was to support the re-commissioning of the NHS residential service for people with a learning disability. This involved close partnership working with the regulators and ensuring that the introduction of the new care providers was managed effectively.