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Nick Willmore (the director of IAC) initially worked with the Audit Commission offering individually tailored projects to public sector clients. When the Commission moved away from this type of work he started offering consultancy services in his own right. This has been a regular service he has offered based on his extensive experience of commissioning and procurement, governance and strategic management.

Since moving into the independent sector Nick has also supported small and medium sized enterprises, in a variety of commercial areas, develop their business.

In 2008 Nick started a Doctorate in Business Adminstration at Birmingham University. This should be completed in 2013. The thesis is looking at the impact of social capital on the economics of care. This academic experience has been very helpful in giving an additional perspective to the consultancy work. Adding a robust research element has resulted in evidence based recommendations, something that many consultants have not been able to do. Note that aside from the DBA course there is no relationship between IAC and Birmingham University

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