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doctoral study

Nick Willmore – Director of IAC and its founder.

Nick has been a qualified social worker since 1991. Since 1995 Nick has been involved in the commissioning of social care in various roles before moving to the Audit Commission as a Performance specialist. Since setting up IAC he has undertaken assessments, undertaken interim management roles in local authorities and provided project management for inter-agency projects.

Outside of health and social care management Nick has also looked at issues in education management and undertaken roles supporting financial management in schools. With the central support from local education authorities reducing there is a need for school managers and governors to be able to access high quality management support that is able to bridge between public sector and commercial financial models.

Nick received his MBA in 2000. When the opportunity arose to undertake a Doctorate in Business Administration at Birmingham University he seized the opportunity and hopes to complete in 2013. His research is looking at an aspect of the personalisation of social care.


Andrew Willmore – Operations Manager for IAC

Andrew has been a social worker since 1996 and before that a youth worker. Andrew supports the staff team and undertakes social work assessments. Andrew’s experience includes working with adults, young people and the criminal justice service. This wide spread of experience gives him a unique perspective on individuals and the options that others have experienced in similar situations.


Alison Robinson – Project Nurse

Since early 2011 Alison has been working with IAC on the campus re-provision in Northamptonshire. Alison is committed to people with a learning disability and assisting them to maximise their opportunities in the community.  Having spent much of her career to date in the NHS residential services the opportunity of working with IAC on the Northamptonshire campus project was a revelation and she is now keen to see the gains there made more widely available.



IAC has many associates that it uses when their specialised knowledge or skills are required. Amongst them is Jane Goodwill. For two years Jane worked with IAC as Project Manager on the Northamptonshire campus project and then on two further projects for NHS Northamptonshire in particular reviewing the specialist health services for people with a learning disability. Jane is a qualified Occupational Therapist who has worked with both children and adults, in particular with people with a learning disability.

Nick Willmore, director and founder of IAC
Nick Willmore

Andrew Willmore, operations manager for IAC
Andrew Willmore

Alison Robinson
Alison Robinson