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Please read this carefully BEFORE contacting us regarding advertising, promotions or similar

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As a small company we have to be very focussed in our expenditure on advertising or similar. Due to the large number of opportunities available we thought it helpful if we set out our advertising policy here.

    1. It has long been IAC Ltd's policy not to enter into verbal telephone contracts.
    2. The Office Manager has full and final authority to discuss or otherwise investigate any 'sales' calls received.
    3. Before any contract can be agreed IAC Ltd must receive a written, posted copy of the agreement.
    4. Any such written agreement received can only be authorised by a company director.

We will be looking at opportunities no more than once every two weeks, so don't expect us to make an immediate decision. We will focus our attention on opportunities that meet the following criteria:

    • Not be solely Internet based.
    • Be relevant across a substantial part of London and the South East.
    • Be targetted on people that use social care, their carers, or those who organise support for them.

If an advertising agent cannot demonstrate that these criteria can be met we are unlikely to pay for an entry.